3 tips for staying hidden on social networks

Social networking has revolutionized the whole world. Everything that used to be done physically, thanks to the revolution in technology, can now be done on social networks. And in all this technological adventure, some problems are common. For example, there are problems of piracy, the usurpation of profiles to scam people. And to fight against these problems, you have to stay hidden on social networks. But how?

You have to create an anonymous profile

It is true that platforms exist to ensure the safety of Internet users. But one should not rely on these platforms. So, it is possible to ensure your own security on the internet yourself. And to do this, you need to start working on an anonymous account. How do you create an anonymous profile?
It's easy! You have to create an email address without putting any identifiable characteristics of your personality. This means that you should not give any information about your identity (first and last name, date of birth, postal code, profile picture...). Afterwards, you can use this new email address to create your pages. Be sure to add only people you trust.

All passwords should be updated

Being frequent on social networks leads you to create passwords for each account. Whether it's for accounts you chat on, ad pages, etc, you should definitely update all of these passwords.
Also, be sure that your passwords are complex and cannot be faked.

Privacy settings should be improved

You know, on every social network, there is always the option ''Privacy settings''. Indeed, it is to allow the Internet user to modify and increase the security of his account. It is then possible to define who can see the account, the messages, the necessary information.
For your information, it is dangerous to leave this privacy option by default.

3 tips for taking online courses or getting trained online

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